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5click is here to help you understand and take advantage of e-commerce in your new or expanding business. We have online sales solutions for any size business, from yesterday's startup to international corporations.

Small to medium size businesses can quickly and easily;

  • Configure a high performance e-commerce enabled web site
  • Manage complex shipping & membership needs
  • Integrate with third party processors and banks for real-time electronic transactions

Large businesses will be interested in;

  • Custom designed enterprise solutions for B2B or B2C e-commerce
  • Rebranding and resale of 5click's products to your existing clients
  • Supply Chain Management & Corporate Intranet packages

As an e-commerce Application Service Provider (ASP), we understand the obstacles involved in putting a business online; security, scalability, payment processing, site promotion, customer service... Contact us for more information, help, or to discuss your unique requirements.


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